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Illustrated Multilingual Flash Cards for Children


English-Spanish Flash Cards

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54 wonderfully illustrated, English-Spanish double-sided flash cards are made out of a thin, highly durable plastic. $7.95 $6.75


Other Language Combinations Flash Cards.  

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Same illustrations as the English-Spanish cards, plus 6 extra (total 60 cards).  BLINGuals flash cards are custom printed for you on glossy heavy stock paper.  $14.95


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About the BLINGuals Flash Cards

Illustrated bilingual flash cards are a great way to teach toddlers and young children new words in multiple languages.  Each pack includes 54 or 60 cards (depending on type), with an illustration of a common word.  Each side of the card spells out the word in a different language.  Choose any combination of fifteen available languages.
The BLINGuals flash cards are designed to look like a story book, with cameo appearances by a curious boy and girl.  Most illustrations allow for follow-up questions and conversations.  
For example, the "Tree" flash card, shows a boy and girl sleeping under it.  The same pair watches a nature documentary show on TV in the "Television" flash card.  The boy and the girl make repeated appearances throughout the flash cards allowing parents to tell their child a story, rather than run through a series of unrelated cards.
The bilingual illustrated flash cards are appropriate for children at a number of stages.  
  • For babies and toddlers, it's a safe and entertaining toy that is quite difficult to destroy (we know they'll try!)  The Spanish-English cards are made of highly durable plastic.  All other language combinations are made of thick paper stock.
  • For talking toddlers, the flash cards provide illustrations of objects from every day life.  They'll start by pointing out the correct card as you call out the words, and advance to repeating the words themselves.  
  • For pre-schoolers, the cards provide a way to hone multilingual and spelling skills.  
  • For parents, it's a valuable and fun teaching tool.  The cards are compact, easy to take along and once packed away in the tuck box (included), they don't clutter up the room.
Games options include:
  • Vocabulary for non-talking toddlers: lay out the cards and call out words - ask your child to point out the appropriate cards.
  • Vocabulary for talking toddlers: ask your child to call out the word you show him/her.
  • Categories and groupings: ask your toddler to group cards into categories: animals, clothing, food, vehicles, body parts, etc.
  • Colors #1: stack the cards so that the blue or yellow background consistently faces up.
  • Colors #2: group cards by color, e.g. the frog and the car go into the green pile.
  • Language: For children who mastered one language already, quiz your child on pronouncing and spelling the word on the other side of the flash cards.
  • And many, many more...
Whether you're looking to teach your child a second language or just getting him/her started with verbal skills, the BLINGuals flash cards are a fun and valuable learning aide.